luchtfoto Kreling Chrysanten B.V.

About Us

As a major player in retail, we know better than anyone what the wishes of the consumer are when buying flowers. The most large retail chains are supplied by us. Because we deliver a ready-made product directly from the nursery, many customers have already seen their turnover grow in chrysanthemums. We also provide many bouquets with our products. Thanks to our large-scale approach, we are able to supply large parties at competitive prices.


Innovation is our top priority! The branches are viewed 1 for 1 at 1 location with cameras and sorted by flower size and length. The plan is to expand this to other locations in the long term. In this way we can distinguish ourselves even better in terms of uniformity.


We have also been a precursor in biological control for more than 10 years. By to spread natural enemies, harmful insects are controlled.

About Deliflor Hoogveld

Deliflor Hoogveld, the cuttings company of the Bommelerwaard! After operating independently for many years as a cuttingscompany, we joined forces and entered into a collaboration with Deliflor. Deliflor is a leading company in the chrysanthemum industry. Thanks to this collaboration, we have availability over a high-quality range. Deliflor Hoogveld is a growing company with a turnover of around 230 million cuttings per year, almost half of which is used in all Kreling nurseries.